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Marjorie Liu writing, myself drawing.

Emma changes her outfits every scene

she takes a sabbatical from the x-men to redefine herself as a white queen to the world. she used to be feared and had stature as a member of the hellfire club, it’s time she gained that back. sort of a globe trotting book. see what good she can do in the world, making connections, gaining her own powerful empire just from her own deeds.

One of those things I never knew I wanted until now.

She hates me, but her favorite place to sleep is in my room.  A tough life indeed.

She hates me, but her favorite place to sleep is in my room.  A tough life indeed.

That was a beautiful story

Glad you enjoyed it!

Here’s an extra tidbit: I’ve published articles in my high school and college newspapers under the name Sawcy.

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  • 1. The meaning behind my url

Many, many moons ago in the age of Halo: Combat Evolved, there lived a boy who absolutely sucked at Halo.  However, this boy was often invited to his friends’ houses to play said game because he liked hanging out and they liked having equal-numbered teams.  Well, one stormy night, they played a game of Capture the Flag.  During this game, our young lad established himself.  He captured the flag two of the three times his team needed it, he died the least, and he was third in medals.  It was unfathomable!  So amazing was this feat that there and then the boy’s friends decided from that day forward he would carry the moniker of the default character that was bestowed upon him that game—Saucy.  They were true to their word, and soon his other friends—and even some of his teachers!—began referring to him as Saucy.  As ancient tales go, the name eventually found a new spelling and became Sawcy.  Since then, many derivatives have sprung forth, but the one that has found true staying in this storyteller’s heart, though, is Sawcesome.

TL;DR: Got stuck with the name Saucy because of Halo, changed it to Sawcy for some reason (might have been an email thing), and I enjoy making up words including “Sawce.”

  • 8. Top 5 (insert subject)

My top five anime currently stand as follows: 1) Hajime no Ippo, 2) Hunter x Hunter (2011), 3) Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, 4) Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, and 5) Steins;Gate.

  • 16. Favorite movie

Not entirely sure I have a concrete favorite movie.  The Dark Knight sprang to mind, though, so I’ll go with that.

If I agree to face you at Summerslam… You agree to drop ALL charges?

let me introduce myself

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8. top 5 (insert subject)
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Xena’s amazing costumes.


Starfire by Oki Cospi
Submitted by croco-naw []


Starfire by Oki Cospi

Submitted by croco-naw []